Flexible FPC circuit board proofing

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Product Name: Flexible FPC Circuit Board

Product classification: FPC

Process capability of PCB-FPC flexible circuit board:

Number of layers: 1-8 layers

Common materials: PI thickness: 0.5mil-2mil Cu thickness: 1/3oz-2oz

Plate type: PI, PET, PEN

NPTH finished product aperture tolerance: ± 1mil (± 0.025mm)

PTH finished product aperture tolerance: ± 2mil (± 0.050mm)

Finished plate thickness tolerance: ± 0.01mm

Minimum line width/gap: 0.05/0.05mm

Surface treatment type: anti oxidation, electroplated, electroplated, electroplated tin (lead-free), electroplated tin (lead-free)

Deposited nickel/gold thickness: nickel Ni: 2.54-6um Gold Au: 0.025-0.125um

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