High speed precision connector crimping

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We provide you with efficient and precise connector crimping services, and provide corresponding connector crimping solutions. We have more than ten years of experience in connector crimping and technical personnel, with fast and efficient service characteristics. And can provide PCBA services such as circuit board welding, PCBA processing, PCBA chip processing, SMT chip processing, PCBA OEM materials, and material procurement.

Connectors are widely used in fields such as aerospace, military, and electronic products. Generally, this type of connector uses specialized connection tools when connecting. If it is not a specialized connector, it is easy to cause poor connection or poor contact during connection. It is best not to use it at this time, and the products produced do not have quality assurance, so it is necessary to pay attention to it.

When connecting crimped connectors, suitable wires should also be selected and confirmed before connection. In order to better use it and have a good crimping, it is necessary to pay attention to these matters in order to better crimp the connector. Be sure to follow the instructions for crimping. Each purchased connector device comes with an instruction manual, which includes installation precautions and steps to follow during installation;

1、 After crimping, its appearance should be inspected and confirmed to be correct before proceeding to the next step. The inspection items vary depending on the model of the crimped connector;

2、 The connector should be closed at the correct height and placed in the correct position during crimping. The crimping joint should not have any wire ends, and the air pressure should also be within the specified range.

3、 For automatic crimping, the movements of each part should be smooth, the interface should be able to connect, and the wires should also maintain appropriate tension;

4、 The dimensions of connectors and wires should comply with relevant requirements, and there are clear regulations in the user manual;

5、 The depth of crimping should also be noted. Many people may think that just a slight contact is enough, but in fact, the depth of crimping varies for different combinations, which is clear to those professionals. When crimping connectors, strict attention should be paid. Sometimes, if the inspection is not done properly, the resulting products will not be qualified and the losses will be considerable.

The application of crimping connectors is very common, and their quality directly affects the quality and performance of the product. As a production personnel, it is important to pay attention to some precautions when crimping connectors to avoid unnecessary trouble.

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