PCB design-The wiring design principle of high-speed circuit PCB

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Components are developing in the direction of high speed, low consumption, small volume and high anti-interference resistance. This development trend puts forward many new requirements for the design of printed circuit boards. PCB design is an important stage of electronic product design, when the electrical diagram has been designed, according to the structure requirements, according to the function division using several functional board, and determine each functional board PCB appearance size, installation mode, also must consider the convenience of debugging, maintenance, and shielding, cooling, EMI performance factors. Engineering need to determine the layout wiring scheme, determine the key circuit and signal lines and wiring method details, and the wiring principles that should be followed. Several stages of the PCB design process have to be checked, analyzed, and modified. After the whole wiring is completed, and then through a comprehensive rule inspection, to take to processing.

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